Hi, my name is bel. i like making friends even though i'm awkward. i'm in serious case of being straight forward and no one unfortunately can stop me. shinee and exo changed my life. a hardcore baekyeol shipper. i love photoshop and all of the edits and gifs that i post are all made by me. blogging is one of my fave hobby, after sleeping. i hope you guys dont regret following me and talk to me some of the timeヾ(^∇^)


Happy Birthday Little Prince (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)
But I have my life, I’m living it. It’s twisted, exhausting, uncertain, and full of guilt, but nonetheless, there’s something there.

Banana Yoshimoto, The Lake  (via cleamour)

"I know her. She pretends to be happy, but she’s full of sorrow inside."

countdown to taemday 2014
happy birthday, taemin ♥

Shit Taemin said…

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